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You want donations you make to have an impact, by donating blindly can mean you'll never see the impact of your efforts. By donating to the Stone County Community Center, you are strengthening a LOCAL organization that will directly benefit the citizens of this community. 


Non-profits are required to file annual information returns & have to provide copies in order to demonstrate a commitment to transparency to those seeking financial information.


The Stone County Community Center is a brand new organization with plenty of room to grow! We have so many wonderful ideas, events & projects but funding is what will be needed in order to achieve these goals. 


The physical location of the Stone County Community Center is operational by volunteers donating their time and by monetary donations. This provides a safe and positive place for our entire community to enjoy. 

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One thing that all of us have learned over the last couple of years is that none of us want new taxes. We think we can also agree that having a community center to host youth, teen, and family programming is something that everyone would like to see grow in Stone County. So the question becomes – how is it possible for us to have an affordable place for families to go but not increase taxes? The reality is that some of us have more than others to share. Because most of us live paycheck to paycheck, we have decided to kick off our SCCC Capital Campaign with a Monthly Pledge Drive. Whether it be $5/month or $500/month, knowing how much revenue we can depend on consistently will guide our vision about the future of our Community Center. 

If you do not wish to make a monthly pledge but you would like to make an annual donation or are part of a civic group that would like to host an annual fundraiser for the center, please include that on the “Other” line of the pledges.


After completing the form you can drop it off at the Center located at

116B West Main Mountain View, AR 72560 or mail it to us at PO Box 1951. 

We are open Monday- Saturday, 10 am-6 pm.

“Why not go through the government to run this?” you ask? Great question! The short answer is this: both the city and the county would love to see a community center. However, both have other issues that take priority at this point. These needs don’t take away the need for a community center. They just require us to look differently at how we can finance it.  

According to, as of July 2019, 20.3% of Stone County lives in poverty. (Other sites have that number as high as 24.2%) But guess what! That means 75%-80% of this county doesn’t live in poverty. With about 12,500 total residents, that means that around 2,500 families of 4 (10,000 people total) will have to carry the load of making this dream come to life. We can do this y’all! If 2,500 families pledged just $5 a month that would give us $12,500 A MONTH to start making this dream a reality. Imagine if half those people (1,250) gave $20/month! That would be $25,000 a month! If we did that for a year … that’s $300,000! And what if people who grew up here but moved away pledged a monthly donation. The possibilities are endless! 

Please consider what your family can do for a year, for two years, or even five years, and join us in this effort. With pledges confirmed, we will be able to move forward with programming for youth, teens, and families. We are a 501c3  organization, so all contributions are tax-deductible. Pledges are voluntary and can be adjusted at any time. If you have further questions, please email us at and we will be happy to talk with you individually.  


Thank you for your consideration! 

SCCC Board


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